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Markpole Electrical is a registered electrical company located in the heart of Parow, Capetown, South Africa. It originated from inspections, testings and issuing of electrical compliance certificates of small domestic installations and has now grown up to be one of the recognized and registered solar system and electrical supply and installation company in Capetown.

Markpole Electrical is now mainly based in green energy systems such as the installation of solar PV systems, solar geysers, heat pumps and a lot more. It has helped a lot of clients reduce their electricity bills by 70% or more. The installations done by Markpole Electrical are all compliant and issued with their corresponding electrical compliance certificates (CoC's).

Because of it's background, Markpole Electrical ensures that any installation done is neat and electrically sound  and compliant. This is enforced by it's Operations and Managing  Director Giles  who is also a registered IE for 3 phase installations. Markpole Electrical is still involved in electrical construction works from domestic, commercial and industrial installations and issuing of electrical compliance certificates of these installations. Contact us today and you will be guaranteed of a safe, neat and electrically compliant installation.



11 Van Eyssen Rd

Parow, Cape Town

South Africa


Cell :  +27 788 304 860 /  +27 615 951 165

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